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Direct Invest with Signals Matter Advisors.

Are you:

  • Troubled by the potential for recession ahead?
  • Worried about your stock & bond investments?
  • In need of straight-talk, not sales-talk?
  • Looking for an advisor that pulls all this together for you?
  • And does the investing for you?

Then you’ve come to the right place because:

  • We track and share recession probabilities each week.
  • We go elsewhere when stocks & bonds are falling.
  • Our Signals Matter subscribers trust us.
  • We publish Pulling It All Together each week.
  • We invest for you. You do the watching.

Signals Matter Direct Invest is a hedge fund service offered to accredited investors that directly invests in the
Signals Matter Aggressive Portfolio

We do the


for you.


For Accredited Investors

We trade. You watch.

You sit back and watch tables and charts like these:

  • End-of-Day Market and Performance Valuation
  • Pie Chart Diversification across Morningstar Asset Classes
  • Your Performance Return versus Traditional Stocks & Bonds
  • Portfolio Value versus Net Amounts Invested
  • Detailed Performance for each Portfolio Security

Timing matters. Automate.

Can you time the markets? No.
Can you make timely investments? Yes.
Our market signals do matter, so timing is important.
Automate with Signals Matter Advisors and never miss a trade.

Put your investing on autopilot.

Investing on autopilot doesn't mean walking away. Check your investments on our mobile app. Spend more time doing the things you want to do.

Diversify away from stocks and bonds.

Let’s be honest. Safe investing is about diversified investing, especially when correlations between major asset classes converge. Rapidly changing interest rates are adversely affecting both stocks and bonds to the point of no investment return.

Invest Differently.

That's why we allocate towards currencies, commodities, actively-managed and inverse ETFs that profit when stocks and bonds fall. Investing differently diversifies while lowering portfolio-level volatility. It’s that simple.

Let your profits run. Cut your losses short.

We automate investing into ETFs that are working and out of ETFs that are not working, thereby cutting losses short for our investors. That requires discipline and knowing how to hedge. As prior hedge fund managers, we've been cutting losses short for accredited investors for decades. Investors that lose less, wait less for portfolio dips to rebound.

Questions Answered

How about a bit of background on Signals Matter Advisors?

Signals Matter Advisors is planning to open a hedge fund for accredited investors in Q1 2024 that will trade Signals Matter's Aggressive Portfolio. Investors will be able to monitor allocations and performance through a personalized online portal with the fund's administrator. Investors are encouraged to subscribe as well to Signals Matter's publishing website to stay abreast of our daily macro, market, and portfolio related content.

What account types will you support?

We expect to support five types of accounts, taxable and non-taxable, including individual and joint accounts, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Simple IRAs.

How do I invest?

Interested investors will be directed to click on a link to our administrator for accreditation qualification and fund investment.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Yes, you can initiate the withdrawal process monthly. No "lock-ups" or "gates" separate you from your funds. It's your money. Add or withdraw as and when you wish.

What will you provide by way of performance and tax reporting?

Portfolio performance reporting will be available online, 24/7, through our administrator that will include market valuations of your account, allocations by asset class, performance return, and realized and unrealized gains/losses for any customized valuation period. Our administrator will be providing investors with consolidated K-1s for tax purposes annually.

What types of investors can invest?

The following types of investors can subscribe to Signals Matter Partners, LP: (1) Individuals; (2) Joint Tenants (with Rights of Survivorship); (3) Tenants in Common; (4) Individual Retirement Plans (IRA/401k); (5) Corporations (Stock Exchange Listed); (6) Corporations & Private Companies; (7) Limited Partnerships; (8) General Partnerships; (9) Designated Body/Regulated Institutions; (10) Non-Profit Foundations; (11) Limited Liability Companies (LLCs); (12) Employee Benefit Plans/Trusts; (13) Irrevocable Trusts (Non-Employee Benefit Plans); (14) Revocable Trusts (Non-Employee Benefit Plans); (15) Large Charitable Corporations; (16) Fund of Funds (LP/LLC/LTD); and (17) Pension Funds. If we’ve missed one, let us know.

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Disclaimers & Risk Disclosure

Hedge funds are unregistered private investment partnerships, funds, or pools that invest and trade in different market strategies. Hedge funds are speculative investments and involve a high degree of risk. Therefore, investors must have the financial ability, sophistication, experience, and willingness to bear the associated risks and should deploy only discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes. There is no guarantee that a hedge fund’s goals, objectives, benchmarks, or targeted returns will be achieved or reached. Investors should thoroughly review a hedge fund’s offering documents with the investor’s financial, legal, and tax advisors to determine whether an investment is suitable in light of the investor’s investment objectives, financial circumstances, and tax situation. Only Accredited Investors may invest.